Greetings.  Please allow me introduce myself.

My name, if you have not yet guessed it, is Elizabeth Starr Harden.

I am a 49-yo happily-married, empty-nested mother of two.  I reside in the Denver metro area in colorful Colorado.  And I am a personal money coach.

I am an autodidact.  I love learning for the sake of learning.  I’m a geek at heart.  I love puzzles, I enjoy working hard and getting dirty, and I love my children above all else.

My personal history with money goes something like this:

I was born to relatively wealthy parents both of whom had successful, self-made fathers.  The wealth never made it to my generation for various reasons.   This first stage of my life was a financial roller coaster of comfort to complete insecurity and periods of poverty back to relative comfort then to complete financial chaos.

I set out on my own right after high school, made many money mistakes, made a few good money decisions, completed trade school, took some college classes, had goods jobs but not a career, and finally gave up the glamorous life of clerical work to be a full-time mom.  This middle stage of my life consisted of a stable and gradually increasing income but very unhealthy familial relationships that left me drained — financially and emotionally.

Next came the years of marital, mothering bliss — homeschooling, raising a twice-gifted child, traveling, investing every resource into my children.  Our financial situation during this stage of life resembled a gradually building crescendo — we started out poor as church mice improving our situation slowly but steadily eventually reaching the current point in our lives that many would call “financial independence.”